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    "Fixed" vent hissing (2 Posts)

  • YorkSal YorkSal @ 9:04 AM
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    "Fixed" vent hissing

    The super recently serviced my radiator, which involved replacing the vent. He said the new vent was superior because it has an adjustable cap on the hole, which allows me to get more or less heat by twisting the cap closer or farther from the hole.

    The problem is that this "new" vent (which I'm sure he just got from another apartment) now makes very loud hissing and whistling sounds at the end of the cycle.

    Desperate for a solution, I twisted the cap off completely (which did nothing to stop the hissing) and put a tiny piece of cotton in the hole. I then put the cap back on. If I put my finger on the top of the hole, I can feel that the air still comes out, but the hissing is almost completely muffled.

    Will my "solution" break anything or put anyone in danger? I only need to last in this apartment until the end of this winter.
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  • Jamie Hall Jamie Hall @ 9:50 AM
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    nothing like a muffler...

    And no, it won't break anything or hurt anyone.

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