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  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 4:02 PM
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    Thanks, Mr. Wilkinson

    Just got this. What a classy way to say goodbye to a good man who did his best and put a lot of good people to work for many years. Thanks, Mr. Wilkinson:

    A celebration to remember the man who started it all...George T. Wilkinson.  George passed away on Wednesday
    at the age of 91.  We were all extremely fortunate to have George in
    our lives for as long as we did and we will miss him greatly.  In honor
    of his life, we hope you will join organization associates and the
    Wilkinson Family in an open house at The Wilkinson Companies offices on Tuesday February 4, 2014 from 3pm - 7pm. 
    There will be plenty of great food and spirits as he wouldn't have
    wanted it any other way.  Please feel free to stop in and share some of
    the stories you may have.

    405 VFW Drive
    Rockland, MA 02370

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    Hug your kids.
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