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  • Larry Weingarten Larry Weingarten @ 10:25 PM
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    A new show

    Hello:  Here's a little FYI;  I'm involved in a new radio show where we talk about self sufficiency and getting some independence from the many grids.  Here's all the contact info if you wish to listen or call in. 

    Every Saturday at 1:00 PM (Pacific) - 1460 AM and 101.1

    or, listen to us on the Internet at

    by clicking on: "Listen to KION 1460 am & 101.1
    fm Live" at top of page

    Email us at:

    Call in number:  (831) 633-1460.
    Hope you can find time to come by and weigh in.  Thanks!
    Yours,  Larry
  • bill bill @ 11:09 PM
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    Hi Larry

    Sounds nice! That drought thing  there seems pretty wild, even by CA standards. Someone once said that CA will never be without a drought. I believe it. I'll tune in.
  • Larry Weingarten Larry Weingarten @ 1:21 PM
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    You're right!

    It's dry.  In Monterey, where I am, we got about 4.5" last year.  Normal is around 15".  Snow-pack is at 12% of normal and reservoirs are around 10-30% of normal.  

    Coming up next week is a show on water and creative ways of using less ... finding more.  The talk of earth closets should be fun!  :~)

    Yours,  Larry
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