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    Riello F15? (2 Posts)

  • hvac hvac @ 10:27 PM
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    Riello F15?

    Does anyone know if the F15 Riello ever came with a hydraulic delay? I have a boiler thats been running for many years without a problem and is now having a problem with starting. The problem could definitely be non-related to the hyd. delay. I am just curious if this even belongs on the burner and why someone would put one on if it didnt come on it. Thank You
  • earl burnermann earl burnermann @ 5:06 PM
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    hydraulic delay?

    I have never heard of a hydraulic delay. I have seen the air shutter delay when opening, but that is because the jack wasn't getting pure oil. A mix of air and oil or foaming oil due to an oil restriction will delay the opening of the air gate. Here is a link to this burner's install manual.
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