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    Noritz issues (1 Post)

  • M Lane M Lane @ 11:25 PM
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    Noritz issues

    I have an NC111 condensing unit. It is about 3 years old, I flush CLR thru the HX once a year. Lately I have noticed a few troubling signs: One is that while I am waiting for full hot temp to arrive, I often feel a drop-off before it returns to getting up to full temp. Another thing it does is with large draws like turning on the kitchen faucet at the same time the clothes washer is filling it sometimes drops the flame and I have to reset it at the controller. I never work on these things so I'm not sure where to begin with troubleshooting. I'm only guessing, but wondering if one of the thermistors is the problem. Ideas? Mostly looking for insider knowledge from guys who have seen particular issues with them.
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