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  • Ct. Master Hvac Ct. Master Hvac @ 10:20 PM
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    westchester county ny. licensing

    Hi everyone, new here. I am a Connecticut licensed Hvac contractor. I have a general question. In westchester county ny I know that there is no hvac licensing, they say only a master plumber can service or replace gas heating equipment. Hvac mechanics cannot disconnect and reconnect gas or pottable water connections on boiler replacements. Only a master plumber can. If someone can enlightenme as to what an hvac contractor do legaly in westchester county would be of great help.
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 5:36 AM
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    Why dont you just call them and speak to an inspector directly

    Cut right to the chase. Long Island is similar. What most legit HVAC companies do is develop a relationship with a licensed Plumber where they do their end and you do yours. Keeping everyone happy and in line with the code and law. Mad Dog
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