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  • QASIM M QASIM M @ 3:38 AM
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    My company had a meeting today about a job they installed a steam boiler and we been back there millions times in the past 6 months boiler losing water when its operating but as soon as boiler shuts off the gauge glass fills up again service tech there at the time states its surging and added surge master that didn't fix it my boss told him to blow it down tbey blow the boiler down 8 times in 5 days still same problem I asked my boss to skim it he said I dont like skiming it and it don't work what you guys think about that they use 3" header and only used one tapping with 2" equalizer ..
  • icesailor icesailor @ 9:35 AM
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    Smartest guy in the class (company):

    I had to use the Puncuator for clarification. I guess this is what you are saying:

    I just wrote a thing about this and the only thing that appeared was the header.
    Too bad. Bad Karma or something.
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  • RobG RobG @ 5:28 PM
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    You posted this in the Domestic Hot Water section. Try re-posting in the steam section.
    Post some pictures of the install as well. Your description is difficult to understand.

    And if your boss doesn't believe in skimming a steam boiler, he has no business installing them.

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