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    Underground Insulated Pex (7 Posts)

  • Harvey Ramer Harvey Ramer @ 6:46 PM
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    Underground Insulated Pex

    What is everybody using these days when it comes to direct burial insulated pex? I'd like something readily available. Eco Flex would be nice but i'm not aware of anybody in the area 17241 or nearby radius that carries it.

  • Paul Pollets Paul Pollets @ 7:43 PM
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    Ecoflex is available with a 10-14 day order lag from any Uponor wholesaler. There is a cut charge for orders less that a full roll. Just buried some 3 weeks ago.
  • hot rod hot rod @ 9:39 PM
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    Watts Radiant and Rovanco
  • Harvey Ramer Harvey Ramer @ 6:30 PM
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    Thanks Guys

    I guess I'll have to order and wait. Not a big deal but not what I prefer.

  • Larry Weingarten Larry Weingarten @ 1:11 AM
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    Harvey, I've installed...

    ... long lengths of insulated PEX by using PVC conduit and pulling the insulated tube through the conduit.  I don't know how it compares price-wise, but it works.  Just make sure the conduit ID is enough bigger than the OD of the insulation so there is good working room and low friction.

    Yours,  Larry
  • hot rod hot rod @ 9:48 AM
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    is another product I have used. Glue the sections together and slide whatever tube you like inside. Include wires and water fill lines also.

    With InsulSeal you can remove and replace the tube if needed
  • Ironman Ironman @ 9:57 AM
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    The only caveat with Insul-seal is that it has no flexibility at all. Even less than bare PVC because of the polyurethane coating. They do have pre-made fittings for it, but trying to improvise your own with electrical sweep fittings can be real fun since the PVC in the Insul-Seal is SDR22, not schedule 40.

    Don't even ask me how I know this. :(
    Bob Boan

    You can choose to do what you want, but you cannot choose the consequences.
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