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    htp boiler 0-10 signal (9 Posts)

  • maccardi maccardi @ 4:51 PM
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    htp boiler 0-10 signal

    Does anyone know what the setpoint range is for an HTP pioneer boiler is when using 0-10v input? I believe the pioneer boiler uses the same controller as the munchkin and all of the other hip products. I'm thinking about of resetting the boiler setpoint with a JCI DX9100 but the boiler literature is very vague on what the actual range of temperature is in proportion to the input. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  • SWEI SWEI @ 10:34 AM
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    If it's like most mod/cons

    the 0-10V input does not set a temperature, just a firing rate.  The onboard limits for boiler max temp will throttle back at this point if your ODR control has not.
  • maccardi maccardi @ 12:32 PM
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    thank you

    Swei, thanks for your response, the install sheet and programming guide says that there are two options for the 0-10 signal, firing rate or temp settling, which is selectable via the programming option function 17. I would prefer to just reset the temp and let the boiler do the firing calculations. The manual however does not say what the proportions are for the 0-10 signal. It could be the temps inputted in the built in oa reset or maybe 0V equal 0 degrees?? I hope to find someone on this site that has used the input the way I would like to.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 1:40 PM
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    Never tried that

    because we run our own PI loops on the controllers, which allows us to dynamically modify them for indoor feedback.  I know the DX-9100 supports PI and PID loops, but I've never had a chance to dive in on one. 
  • maccardi maccardi @ 7:00 PM
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    PID loops

    Yes the dx9100 can definitely do the firing control but I would rather let the boiler controller do it since it does a good job of making setpoint. If I were to setup a pid loop of my own, I would need to figure out how big of a prop band and integration time to use and it would probably take allot of tweaking. My whole reason for doing this is because my oa sensor is off by 20deg and setting my hw setpoint too low. Rather than waste $60 on a new sensor, id rather use a a dx 9100 that I already own with an oa sensor that I can easily replace or calibrate if it goes out of whack. Ultimately when all is finished I should be able to remotely check temps and make changes across the web. I also want to setup lead/lag pumps for my HWS. BTW I work for JCI so this is how I'm able to get access to the equipment.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 7:20 PM
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    Outdoor Air Sensor

    I'm not familiar enough with the Pioneer to know offhand what it uses for OAT.  SWT is a 10k Type 3 (common as dirt.)  Whatever it is, I'll bet JCI can get you a replacement for under $10.
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  • maccardi maccardi @ 6:24 AM
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    oa sensor

    unfortunately for me, all of the JCI sensors are 1k, the sensor I need is a 12k. I have searched the web for 12k thermistors (semiconductor only) and have had little luck. I believe WM uses 12k and I can probably get one from Honeywell. Does anyone know of a good source for a 12k oa sensor?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 9:26 AM
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    12k thermistors

    are more common Europe, and (as a result) for the onboard controls of many domestic mod/con manufacturers (specifically those made by Honeywell Europe.  Most domestic controls suppliers do not stock them, but the parts houses do
  • maccardi maccardi @ 6:47 PM
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    thank you

    Thanks allot for your help, I ordered 22 of them and will try them out when they get here.
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