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    Foggy ice (2 Posts)

  • Probie Probie @ 6:14 PM
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    Foggy ice

    I recently cleaned a Scotsman ice machine before I cleaned it the ice was foggy after I cleaned it I noticed the newer batches of ice were clear. What is the cause the foggy ice and clear ice?
  • icesailor icesailor @ 6:51 PM
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    Foggy Ice:

    Foggy or translucent ice has dissolved gasses or fine solids in them. Clear ise is made in ice machines that that have water flowing over a frozen grid where the ice forms as a slab and the dissolved solids and gasses slide off with the flowing water.
    Ice made in a ice cube tray will freeze from the outside in and the outside of the ice will be clear. But there will be bubbles and solids in the middle.
    If the water ways in the ice machine are very dirty, that can cause it. Clean the machine for clear ice.

    The ice piled up on a deck came from two ice makers. The ice that is easily seen comes from a machine that freezes water in a tray. The ice in the pots, the clear and hard to see ice is made in a commercial type machine that has water flowing and freezing to a cold plate. When the plate is thick enough, it is harvested to a heat grid and the cubes drop into a bin. The plate ice has no flavor. The tray ice can taste bad because of the flavors and odors can end up in the ice.
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