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    pvc hangers for PAP (2 Posts)

  • Eric Eric @ 7:56 PM
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    pvc hangers for PAP

    Can i use pvc conduit hangers for my 3/4 pap?  Ive looked every were to day and nobody stocks 1 pex talons in numbers, the ones that do have are 60 cents a piece.(5 at this supply 6 at this one) So if i order they will be in on Wednesday but still expensive. Can i go to the big box store and pick up a couple of bags of 3/4 conduit hangers for $8 a 100 and use that? I'm running 180 on the coldest days in my baseboard.
  • Paul Pollets Paul Pollets @ 12:24 PM
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    Pex hangers

    Pex needs to be supported every 4ft. Plastic snails are better than metal conduit hanger because the higher temps will expand the piping and rub on the conduit clips. Plastic is slippery and will not impede the expansion. 1" talons should be widely available at wholesalers or try
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