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    Hydrotherm Celtic and a 15-42 (9 Posts)

  • kcopp kcopp @ 8:15 AM
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    Hydrotherm Celtic and a 15-42

    Anyone out there on Wally World have an older but still operable Grundfos 15-42? Say from the mid to late 80's? I have a customer here in NH that has a Hydrotherm Celtic 50k input, that still works perfectly fine. Mfg date 3/1984. Some other contractor decided to replace the circulator. Instead of searching for the right one he installed a 26-99 in the frame that is built into the boiler...a newer 15-58/42 is too small. Now they are having air issues because the 26-99 is way oversized.
  • RobG RobG @ 2:42 PM
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    Look Here

    Personaly, I would replace it, but here is a link

  • kcopp kcopp @ 3:05 PM
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    Ya I saw that one...

    I cant see replacing a boiler in such a small space, that does not cost a good deal to run and runs fine. Sort of like ditching a car because it needs 4 new tires.
  • RobG RobG @ 3:17 PM
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    I here ya, but if my tires cost $275.00 each (expansion tank). I would consider getting somthing cheaper :) That site is highway robbery!!
  • SWEI SWEI @ 4:43 PM
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    Have you tried

    calling Grundfos to see if they still have parts?  Someone here ought to have a "clueful" contact on the inside.
  • kcopp kcopp @ 5:21 PM
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    Yes I have....

    my salesman checking w/ Urell. Yes pricing there is  Nuts....
  • kcopp kcopp @ 5:52 PM
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    Here are a few.....

    Pix. It's still in great shape. And is around 82%. It's 50k input. 41k out. The food has only heatloss front and back. None to the sides.
  • RobG RobG @ 1:55 PM
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    Will the 15-60

    I don't know what the pump curves are for the old 15-42 but this seems to be a Celtic replacement (I certainly wouldn't buy it from Europe :)  ?


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  • kcopp kcopp @ 2:36 PM
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    If I cant find one soon I am going to see if I can go in a find a way to adapt over the piping that is there and see if I can add a new circ outside of the cabinet.
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