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    Pump with integral air vent (4 Posts)

  • Pump with integral air vent

    I like these Everon pumps. That air vent is just where it should be.

    Found on a Navien boiler.

    Sorry, can't seem to get it rotated properly.
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  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 8:09 PM
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    B&G had what they called their Air Control Booster Package when I was starting out. The impeller spun the air to the putter edge of the volute and a volute-mounted vent spit it out. The price was too high and they discontinued it. Neat idea., though.

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  • icesailor icesailor @ 8:54 AM
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    Where's the air?

    Again I ask, "Where's the air"? Where's it coming from? There can only be so much air inside a closed hot water heating system. Is it forming on the impellor vanes because the system pressure is too low or there is too much restriction in the badly designed piping array? I would have been getting panic attacks if I was thinking about all the stories I hear here about Power Purges and special schemes for getting air out of systems. What did I do wrong that I didn't get to experience the agony of special power purges. I purged it once, never left the boiler and was done. Not ever to go back.
    Sadly, what have I missed? Not running up and down stairs to keep adding more water because of an old (needed to be replaced) fill valve.
  • hot rod hot rod @ 8:40 AM
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    not to forget

    John Runkes AutoPurger
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