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    Use any oil provider? (3 Posts)

  • ch352 ch352 @ 10:49 PM
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    Use any oil provider?

    i am currently getting my home heating oil  from an oil provider  which we are not very happy with their service, so we are looking for a new company, but i feel a bit weary to just look up the phone book/internet and call a random company. is there really something to be concerned about? (i know with car gas, people try to stick to major names). or am i being worried for nothing and i can i just call up any oil company get the delivery and sleep comfortable?

  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 11:22 AM
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    If you're in an area with plenty of oil dealers, call someone else. It's probably best to get a recommendation from a friend or neighbor. Some people like the more personal service of a small company, some think bigger is better (usually more expensive too).
    Just remember if you switch companies and are on automatic delivery to call them immediately to cancel future deliveries and to avoid a possible spill.
  • ch352 ch352 @ 5:25 PM
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    So I'm in Brooklyn where there are plenty of oil Companies, so i will try to find a recommended company. we are not on automatic Delivery so that's not a problem.  and i guess from what your saying there isn't that much to be concerned about either way.
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