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    My first ALPHA pump (9 Posts)

  • Jason Jason @ 8:11 PM
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    My first ALPHA pump

    I have read many good posts about the Alpha pump. I had a job with 2 zone valves and an Indirect. The boiler is a cast iron 40K. I used 2 Taco Sentry zone valves, Alpha pump and a separate pump with IFC.
    I must say the first experience with the Alpha was less than positive. I felt the wiring was a bit tough as I have big hands. After getting through that turned on the boiler. All the lights came on on the pump once the zone valve opened. Went into the default auto adapt. About 30 seconds later I got 2 dashes on the pump display.  Read manual check for flow, voltage locked rotor. Recycle power.
    Re-purged and the same thing. The display says 1 watt and 0 gallons.
    After trying different things I put one of the old Taco 007's in place of the Alpha. Did not even re-purge and all took off and heated.
    Not real impressed with the first one.
  • SWEI SWEI @ 8:24 PM
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    Try constant pressure mode

    if you have zone valves, it usually works quite well.  Adjust the pressure with both zones calling until the ∆T looks good.
  • Snowmelt Snowmelt @ 8:55 PM
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    I swear by a lot of taco products like there zone boards, outdoor reset , air seperater and there pumps, how do you like the zone sentry valve? Out of curiosity why didn't you use the taco delta t pump?
  • Tom Tom @ 6:43 AM
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    I have installed 2 taco delta T pumps and I can't do anymore until they stop using cheap components that don't buzz. The one customer complained from day one and within a week I went and changed it out. The other is very old and cant really hear, so I think I am safe. IMO needs a little more engineering, I like the idea and the price for what it can do but it's not a perfect match for everything.

    Sorry, to get back to the thread. The directions ask you to put the pump on high at first, I never have but maybe that will get turning, otherwise maybe you have a dud.
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  • Jason Jason @ 7:54 AM
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    Free Alpha

    Snowmelt - I like the Sentry zone valve. It works rapidly after a short charging cycle which is usually a few seconds. Very quiet and easy to wire and install. The powerhead comes off with a push on a tab and unplug the wiring. Insert new head and plug the wiring harness back in.
    The reason I used the Alpha insteqd of the Taco Bumblebee is Burnham is having a special on their cast iron boilers. Order with the Alpha and there is no up-charge. So I could get one to try with no extra cost above what I would have paid for the Taco 007.

    Tom -  Tried all the settings. If they want you to try high speed first they should default to that. I think it is just a dud. Not a good first impression. Just a green  - -.
    BTW Taco resolved that noise issue.
  • hot rod hot rod @ 1:03 PM
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    It's in self protect mode

    Un plug for 1 minute and it resets. Either under over voltage locked rotor or air lock. It can be unlocked 5 times then it locks out for good

    Did you check voltage, pull the motor for a jam and burp the air. I have had excellent luck with Alphas
  • Jason Jason @ 9:23 PM
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    Burnham and Alpha pump

    Thanks hot rod
  • Bob Bona Bob Bona @ 10:28 PM
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    have it on

    Good authority that the Bee version 2 will be out this summer. Green and black. Buzzing noise has been addressed.
  • Tom Tom @ 6:16 AM
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    Thats great news, I really like the concept of the pump and hope it performs in real world applications with longevity, but I fear it will only do 3 to 5 years and fail. Hears to me being wrong!!
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