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    Hot water or Steam CI Rad (3 Posts)

  • OhioRuss OhioRuss @ 12:32 PM
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    Hot water or Steam CI Rad

    Is this rad hot water or two pipe steam? If steam, can it be used in a hot water system. Thank you.
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 12:44 PM
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    rad reuse

    as I do not see any upper connections in the sections, I think it is steam only.
    are you contemplating a switch of your heating system from steam to hot water?
    if you are choosing radiators for another system, make sure that the ones you get will be big enough to heat the room at the reduced water temperature.--NBC
  • OhioRuss OhioRuss @ 1:15 PM
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    What I thought

    Thank you for the reply. At first glance, I assumed it was hot water by having two pipes, then it looked like it was missing the upper connections as you said. I am trying to find CI Rads for a hot water retrofit. I've done the room by room heat loss calculations and I'm trying to find rads accordingly. Too bad for me, this is exactly the right EDR and it fit perfectly where it needed to.
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