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    oil to gas conversion kit (3 Posts)

  • zepfan zepfan @ 7:21 PM
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    oil to gas conversion kit

    does anyone know if an oil to gas conversion kit is made, and if so by who, to convert a residential oil fired boiler to gas? I know this is fairly common with larger commercial turn down, duel fuel burners, but was unsure if there was such a product for smaller single stage units. we have a job where e customer has a 15 year oil  fired boiler, but has natural gas in the house and wants to convert the boiler to gas. seeing how the boiler is not that awfully old if this was something that s made it would be a lot less costly to install it rather then replace the whole boiler. thanks to all 
  • Tim McElwain Tim McElwain @ 10:17 PM
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    Yes there are

    power gas burners available for residential oil boilers. Are you familiar with ANSI Z21.8 (2002) Procedures for the Installation of Domestic Gas Conversion Burners?

    Carlin, Riello and Midco all make residential power gas conversion burners.

    I recommend getting some training before attempting to install one of these.
  • zepfan zepfan @ 10:05 PM
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    Thanks for the response, i will look into that. If at all possible i am going to try and sway the customer into replacing the boier with a gas fired mod/con boiler.thanks
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