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    Can a Circulator Pump Past a Stopped Downstream Pump? (8 Posts)

  • VelvetFoot VelvetFoot @ 3:41 PM
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    Can a Circulator Pump Past a Stopped Downstream Pump?

    I'm thinking about a piping schematic. I was wondering if a boiler circulator pump can pump past a downstream zone circulator that is stopped. I'm hoping it can't. Thanks.
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 7:04 PM
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    why would it not be able to?

    yes it can. unless the head for that zone exceeds the pump curve.
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  • VelvetFoot VelvetFoot @ 9:00 PM
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    I thought maybe the motor

    might be involved. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  • Ironman Ironman @ 9:50 PM
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    The impeller in the down stream circ will cause some resistance to flow, but like Charlie said, it won't stop it.
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  • hot rod hot rod @ 6:03 PM
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    that's common in solar drainbacks

    two circs run to fill and establish the siphon, then the downstream one drops off, and goes along for the ride. A small pressure drop thru the un-powered one is all..

    I've heard of problems with trying to start the downstream one when it is spinning? Maybe they spin backwards sometimes.

    Also if you flow thru an unpowered ECM, like an Alpha the display lights up! Wonder if it turns into a generator?
  • Gordy Gordy @ 6:18 PM
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    Water turbine gen.

    To cancel out power used in the hydronic system. Even if it reclaimed something. System is circulating anyway.
  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 9:02 PM
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    There might be a government grant for that one. If you could fold enough facts in to the nonsense, they'd probably go for it.
  • NYplumber NYplumber @ 8:42 AM
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    I wouldn't be surprised if there is a grant for ecm circulator generators before ashps....
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