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  • try2hard try2hard @ 10:48 PM
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    Two Circs - TT Prestige Excellence

    Hello everyone! My contractor friend John and I just finished tearing out my old Weil-McClain that has served my home well for about 60 years and installed a new Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence.

    The boiler is in place and running (primarily for DHW now) but I have a few questions about the circulator pump relays using the built-in Prestige controller. The boiler clearly states and supports two CH zones and there are two 24V connections marked CH1 & CH2. We were also under the impression that the boiler supported two zone pumps but now I am not sure.

    There is a primary pump factory installed in the boiler that is used for the primary CH loop and DHW heat exchanger (using a three-way valve). This pump is wired to the auxiliary boiler pump terminals. The three-way valve has the line and neutral wired to the DHW pump/diverter valve terminals and another line wired to the CH1 pump diverter valve terminals.

    We wired the #2 zone pump to the CH2/system pump terminals and wired the #1 zone pump to the CH1 pump diverter valve terminals (with the line from both the diverter valve and #1 zone pump sharing a terminal. I figured this must be correct because when one of the zone pumps is running, the three-way valve would always be active in CH mode.

    The DHW function is working perfectly but when there is a call for heat (from either zone), only pump #2 and the boiler pump run. This would be correct if Zone #2 were asking for heat but the #2 pump runs, even when only Zone #1 is calling for heat. I have tried all three settings on the boiler's CH1/CH2/DHW, CH1/CH2, & CH2 menu but none will run zone pump #1.

    Are we doing something wrong with this control panel or do I need an additional controller to support two zone pumps?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 9:55 AM
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    Check figure 21, page 31 of the boiler manual. The 2 CH zones are for 2 seperate reset curves. For instance, one baseboard- high temp, and one radiant floor- low temp. In their attemp to provide all the info., they have made it more confusing than it has to be.
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  • SWEI SWEI @ 11:23 AM
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    Do you have the TriMax Control Supplement?

    Look at P.10 for details on the pump settings.
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 11:54 AM
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    Can you post a drawing of how you wired it?

    I am not near my desk where my manuals are but if I am thinking about this correctly...

    buy this to multi zone your excellence...

    wire constant/service 120 to the taco control white and black
    wire your 2 heat zone stats to the tstat terminals in your taco control, then your pumps to the pump terminals in your taco control...
    wire the end switch {TT} terminals to your "ch1 tstat" terminals in your boiler

    Done... Leave everything else alone, all the factory wiring for your excellence is done for you...

    Another option is to use zone valves, 2 zone valves and a single pump will work with the excellence, but it will be easier and cheaper for you to just buy a taco sr5024 and it will work better {I LIKE pumps for zoning}....

    so just to confirm, the only wires you introduce to your excellence are-
    18-2 for ODR sensor
    14-2 for supply voltage
    18-2 for end switch from sr5024

    THATS IT, rip everything else that the factory didnt put there out... I have installed almost 2 dozen of these bad larrys, you bought the rite boiler.... Now just go grab the rite zone controller {I would buy a 3 or 4 zone incase you ever want to add a zone, but the 2 will do what you want}...

    Good luck and enjoy...
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