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    Floor Support? (3 Posts)

  • VelvetFoot VelvetFoot @ 9:12 AM
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    Floor Support?

    I'm going to be routing some 1.5" copper pipe in my basement and I'll need a floor support or two.  I was thinking wood.  Would there be a pro way to do this.  Don't want to make it look like a total cob job.  Partial, sure.
  • delta T delta T @ 3:04 PM
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    I usually make an "I" out of unistrut. You can weld it together or use angle brackets and bolts. if you do this then you can anchor the bottom using screws and washers or concrete anchors (depending on the floor) and use a unistrut clamp to clamp the pipe to the unistrut on top. You end up with a very good solid support that will not rot or move. I have seen to many wooden supports that are rotted to want to ever put on in myself.
  • VelvetFoot VelvetFoot @ 8:53 PM
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