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    Flooring and Radiant (3 Posts)

  • James Day James Day @ 10:49 AM
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    Flooring and Radiant

    Happy Easter everyone.
        I've been moving along with building my home.   I'm doing radiant heating and cooling with gypcrete pour.    I've looked into Launstein engineered flooring but it is way over my budget.    Is there any other reputable engineered floorings that you would recommend for use with the gypcrete and radiant.  Also has anyone had success with gluing the engineered down to the gypcrete.

    Thanks, James
    Day Heating and A/C
  • Snowmelt Snowmelt @ 10:55 AM
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    If you go to taco websight then go to the webinar some like it hot by john b. I Romberg he had some websight on that.
  • hot rod hot rod @ 9:49 PM
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    may not be a good product to glue onto, I tried gluing tile onto gyp once, big mistake. It's a fairly soft, low psi product, mostly sand and gypsum. I think you might want a floating product to install over a gyp pour?

    The less expensive laminates and engineered products may have a soft ply or particleboard core with a thin venner, these can dent easily, and wear quickly.

    i used an Anderson brand and it had hard wood laminates, it was glued down to a concrete slab over 15 years ago and has been a great floor. It even was under water once!

    Don't go too low end, top quality flooring should last 20 years or more with proper care.
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