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    Where to buy a furnace on Long Island (2 Posts)

  • mazzy mazzy @ 7:24 AM
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    Where to buy a furnace on Long Island

    This will be my first furnace installation. I have the help of a good service tech. I just need to know where I should go to purchase one. Any recommendations for fair prices and good service.?
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 7:44 AM
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    Home depot


    I would go where ever your service tech friend has an account, what brands are you looking into? Is it oil, gas, natural draft, 90+? what is your heat loss, heat and a/c or heat only?

    Then there is always the internet- but you still need to do a good heatloss calculation, and know exactly what you want and have to work with as far as dimensions, venting, and load... Furnaces can go from small cheap and basic like a single stage 80+ to a modulating, variable speed, ecm motored, outdoor air sensing unit. Like the carrier Infinity 98, the lennox 98v, Armstrong 97mv, Trane xc95 mod, ect ect ect.... Bryant york and almost every other company now offer some type of 96+ variable modulating furnace but you really need to know what you are buying, easy to make the wrong choice...
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