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    No heat in baseboards (3 Posts)

  • BigGuy BigGuy @ 12:45 PM
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    No heat in baseboards

    I just replaced the circulator pump in my hot water baseboard heating system. When the furnace comes on, the pipes get hot coming out of the furnace all the way to where the 4 zones come off, but after that, there is no heat upstairs and the baseboards and 3 radiators are not even warm. I have bled the system several times for air, but still no luck. What is the problem?
    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  • Rich Rich @ 2:11 PM
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    you use the same model circulator that was there ? Do you have a few pictures of the boiler and connected piping , thy would help ?
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  • Kakashi Kakashi @ 8:21 PM
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    bled the system

    How did you bleed the system? Circulator going the wrong way? You can only force purge a system one zone at a time with the boiler off. If you're doing it at the bleeder on baseboard/radiators. No easy way to bleed radiators either...
    pics would help too
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