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  • Cradiuss Cradiuss @ 4:37 PM
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    Honeywell Oil Burner Control

    My oil burner uses Honeywell R8184N 1009 Control. Can I use Honeywell R8184G 4009 Control? Do I need to make any modifications?
  • STEVEusaPA STEVEusaPA @ 11:13 PM
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    nope....and get the right control

    I think you have an 8184M, not N
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 11:29 PM
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    The R8184M

    has a transformer which is used to operate air-conditioning control circuits. So if this burner is used on a furnasty with central air, you need something to take over that function.

    There are two inherent drawbacks to the R8184 control series: 1- most models have a 45-second trial for ignition, which is way too long and can allow "puffbacks" to happen if ignition is delayed, and 2- they do not cut off the ignition spark after the burner has started, which wears out the electrodes prematurely and can cause delayed ignition.

    Beckett, Carlin and Honeywell all offer electronic controls that can replace an R8184 and upgrade to a 15-second trial for ignition, and which will also cut off the spark once the burner has started. I would use one of these rather than another R8184. I believe all three manufacturers offer transformer kits that can power your A/C controls too.

    And I strongly recommend you have a pro do the upgrade.
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