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    Failed ignition on triangle tube pt 110 (8 Posts)

  • wrxz24 wrxz24 @ 7:36 AM
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    Failed ignition on triangle tube pt 110

    In the last 800hrs, I have gotten 4 failed ignitions. It happens when there is a dhw priority call. Not sure what the issue is. The boiler fires after pushing the reset button.
  • Devan Devan @ 7:48 AM
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    Combustion, igniter, or board.

    First have someone check the boiler with combustion analyzer and make sure it is within specs.
    If that is ok, change igniter with "short" porcelain as reccomended by TT. They've been having problems with igniters with longer porcelain coating too far into flame. You'll know when the ignitor is removed, it will have cracks in the porcelain.
    If those fail, last step is changing the board, TT also has a newer version board for the Trimax, older boards had ignition problems, new board would have green dot sticker on it.
    After any changes, check combustion again!
  • wrxz24 wrxz24 @ 7:05 AM
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    I have the trimax installed

    In May of 2013. It has worked great up until 800 hrs ago when it first failed to light. Now it has happened 2 more times yesterday.
    One thing I have noticed that I can hear a knocking/thud sound soon after it lights sometimes.
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 3:56 PM
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    What Devan said!

    They have a new ignition cable also,the noise you are hearing is a delayed ignition
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  • wrxz24 wrxz24 @ 5:14 AM
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    The sound I am hearing

    Is after the boiler has been running. I will try to pinpoint when the sound is made. If i had to guess, 10 seconds after the boiler fires and the sound comes from the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Zman Zman @ 10:10 AM
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    There was a bad batch of ignitors from tt.
    I would start there.
  • wrxz24 wrxz24 @ 5:05 PM
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    Is there a way to check

    And see if my boiler had one of the bad ignitors? So far so good the last 24hrs, no failed ignitions.
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 9:38 PM
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    I have installed a bunch of these now

    and had this happen once, it was 4000 hours iwith no failures then it failed 5 times, I went checked and cleaned ignition system, everything looked good, reset it and hasn't happened since... Out of all the customers I installed them for this is the one I would pick NOT to have a problem with since she is a "complainer" but so far so good, if it fails again, I will change the cable and ignitor..
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