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    Rinnai trouble shooting (3 Posts)

  • ppinc ppinc @ 10:53 AM
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    Rinnai trouble shooting

    We have an older rinnai that we are working on at the moment. The cabin that it is installed in froze over the winter and we have since repaired all of the leaks. The Rinnai worked fine when started up but stopped the water flow through the unit on the next day. My tech went out to test it and found the water flow control closed. He removed the control and set it to the open position, tested for more than an hour and it worked fine. 2 days later it stopped the water flow again. Seems to have our local rep stumped so I am looking for any help. Thank you.

    The unit is a VA-2532ffu
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  • Jack Jack @ 10:10 PM
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    Seems to me

    That the flow control is the issue. It is possible that it could have been damaged in a freeze up. I would think that when you get that much damage (we fixed "all" the leaks) to a unit it is time to bring in the Homeowners Insurance involved, if available.

    Once you get it repaired I would suggest that you advise the homeowner how to shut down and drain the unit in the winter months when the place is unoccupied. You should probably give Rinnai Tech Service a shot at helping you 1 800 621-9419. That number is printed on the side of the cabinet
  • heatpro02920 heatpro02920 @ 8:09 AM
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    sounds like

    water flow control assembly needs to be replaced, check the harness out and make sure the connections are all in good shape, if they are the flow control may need to be replaced, I had a bad flow sensor that acted similar though.....

    Which flow control is it the gray box onto p of the brass valve or the black box onto pf the valve?

    Get some prices on the parts, figure worse case, sensor, control, board, if the unit is pretty old may be a better option to just throw a new one on the wall.
    I learned a while back once the units flood or freeze sometimes it is better to just throw a new one on the wall, it takes 30 minutes, especially if the unit is older, a new one may be a good idea, sell the old one on ebay for parts, and be done with it.. I had a customer sell his old rinnai {lightening hit the panel and cooked 90% of the electronics in the house, the rinnai didnt make it} on ebay for $200 less than a new one cost me, so it may be a good option...
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