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    sizing indirect for new steam boiler (5 Posts)

  • bob young bob young @ 9:10 PM
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    sizing indirect for new steam boiler

    REPLACEMENT STEAM BOILER .ea too confined for independant water heaters. not familiar with sizing method to provide indirect domestic tank , etc. 14 families. need formula for additional btu load to add to steam boiler. thanx, bob nyc
  • kcopp kcopp @ 9:22 PM
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    No need to add....

    anything. No different that adding an indirect to a hot water boiler. No room for a tankless water heater?
  • Snowmelt Snowmelt @ 9:28 PM
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    Taco hvav

    John Barba has a nice webinar on how to size

    Tankless & in NYC see me.
  • Dan Holohan Dan Holohan @ 1:54 PM
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    Consider takng a Find a Contractor ad.
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    Hug your kids.
  • icesailor icesailor @ 10:20 AM
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    Sizing DHY loads:

    Kind of an exercise in futility?
    Size the DHW load by the way it is supposed to be added to a boiler, then picking boiler for a 30,000 BTU load at design temperature. When the DHW load calculates to over 100,000?
    Its a "Phantom Load". Just put in a bigger indirect.
    SNARK Off.
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