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    NO A/C (3 Posts)

  • Jim Pompetti Jim Pompetti @ 8:48 PM
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    NO A/C

    We I got there all was running , plugged filter , replaced . Check Refrigerant , no  water on the floor . Look like a bad compressor or condenser fan motor .  Four hours later call back no A/C . This can go on forever, everything amps out ok . Anyone have any tricks , that will identify which item is causing the problem.
  • Harvey Ramer Harvey Ramer @ 9:08 PM
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    Things that reset themselves.

    Pressure switches, Thermal switches.

    Microchannel condenser coils are easily overcharged and will trip the high pressure switch. By the time you are out there, the switch will have reset and the weather might have cooled off a bit too making everything look normal. A dirty condenser coil could do the same. Slightly bad bearings on a fan motor may feel loose when the motor is cool but after the motor is running for awhile and heats up they can increase the friction on the shaft and end up tripping the motor on thermal.

    What is the compressor discharge temp? Lower then normal suction pressure combined with a high superheat could cause the compressor to trip on thermal.

  • Techman Techman @ 4:01 AM
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    Which switch?

    Assuming it is a press switch, you can try a "Tattle Tale" device. It goes across the contacts/wirers of the press sw. & when a sw. opens the Tattle Tale blows, like a fuse.
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