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    Temco Prevent wall furnace parts (8 Posts)

  • Greg Greg @ 8:57 PM
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    The model is...

    Temco Prevent, model # GSW30-2. It is a 30 MBtu input wall furnace. I personally have not seen the unit, but am searching for parts for the tech who is working on it. Thanks again for your help, Timmie. Greg
  • Greg Greg @ 2:54 PM
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    Temco wall furnace parts

    One of our techs has a Temco Prevent wall furnace needing a new burner and supply tube. Anyone know where such parts might be found? Tried a generic search with no luck, usual suppliers - Johnstone, etc. along with various area dealers with no luck. Don't mean to take up space in the Wethead site for this, but could use some assistance if possible. Thanks - Greg
  • N/A @ 5:01 PM

    May be obsolete but

    try one of the following: TEMCO Temtex Products P.O. Box 1349 Manchester, Tenn 37355 615-728-4001 FAX 615-728-1215 OR a local outfit I used to get parts from here in RI S & M Appliance Service Corporation 6 Lark Industrial Parkway Greenville, RI 02828 401-949-3390 Hope this helps. What is the Model Number of Temco PreVent as I have some books with Parts lists.
  • 1jc 1jc @ 11:05 PM
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    I also have a Temco Pre-vent model GSW20-2. It currently has no control function,meaning it is ON and turning the control knob has no effect. It is making the room too hot. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Tim McElwain Tim McElwain @ 1:47 PM
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    John what is your location?

    If in Rhode Island I have a service company I can recommend.
  • westov10 westov10 @ 7:41 PM
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    Tim, can you send me the contact info?

    Can you please send me the contact info for the service company for Temco furnaces? I am having a hard time finding anyone.

    Thank you,
  • Tim McElwain Tim McElwain @ 8:35 PM
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    Westov10 call me and I will give you a contact in

    RI. My number is 401-437-0557.
  • Timothy_J Timothy_J @ 12:58 PM
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    Temco Floor Furnace Burner Needed

    Looking for a burner for a Temco Natural Gas Floor Furnace.  No luck obtaining it from Grainger's or Sear's Direct.  Please let me know if you have any information.  Thanks.
    Burner Part No.:  3D44448H
    Temco Natural Gas Floor Furnace
    Model:  GVF-70-2-S
    SER:  L7J128678
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