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    Frozen underground plastic water pipe. (13 Posts)

  • N/A @ 5:04 PM


    I love you man... unless your reaaaaaaly quick :-) Just another set back to not using copper :-) (where's ken when you need him) I use to hook up a welder to the curb stop and the main inside line, can;t do that with plastic :-)
  • bull bull @ 5:28 PM
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    frozzen pipe

    You can rent a jet water snake at most rental places. It will fit down the black pipe you have. Just hook it up to hot water. The standard jet snake pushes a jet at about 1000psi. That will work for sure. I've done this my self more than once. Good luck.......
  • Steve Bergerson Steve Bergerson @ 6:46 PM
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    Maybe I can use a plastic welder...

    I know, I know.... I didn't use copper Maybe I'll find someone with a plastic welder and try that.... ;-)
  • Dan Joyce Dan Joyce @ 9:09 PM
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    Thawing plastic water pipe

    1st Need lead pot burner 2nd 6" well casing pipe,capped top and bottom,20"+-high cut top 3/4"nipple in top,3/4"tee,15 lb releif on top,bush bull of tee for snifter valve with core removed. 3rd 3/8" hose to snifter,1/2" hose sewer. 4th Fill 1/3 water,set on burner,fire up,10 minutes steam,hose down pipe,will go by itself (little help)when in ice.Runs about 15 minutes. Weld top & bottom & nipple. Will go over 75 ft.Never really measured.
  • Steve Bergerson Steve Bergerson @ 6:40 PM
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    Arctic Blaster

    Just ordered one! Thanks for the advice! For $500, including shipping, this seems like a great unit. Simple design, no moving parts, and includes 2 50' coils of braided tubing... 1/4" & 3/8". Also, it doesn't require a connection to a water supply... which is a plus when it is the main line you are trying to thaw. Check it out at
  • D lux D lux @ 12:13 AM
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    if its a block wall it might be air droping down the core bust a hole in the block and try a hair dryer . let us know if it works To Learn More About This Contractor, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Contractor"
  • Steve Bergerson Steve Bergerson @ 1:02 AM
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    The freeze is 15 feet away from the building foundation, under 6 feet of earth. I used an electricians fish tape to probe down the line to measure how far away from the building the freeze starts.
  • Scott Scott @ 6:14 AM
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    Why Not

    Purchase a roll of the smallest pex tubing you can, hook it up to the hot water heater with a backflow preventer and a small pump. Then fish it down the line. Turn on the pump when you get to the blockage. This should eat right thru a frozen line. I would suggest turning off the main unless your reeeeaaaaly quick . Scott To Learn More About This Contractor, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Contractor"
  • Steve Bergerson Steve Bergerson @ 10:01 PM
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    How do I thaw a plastic underground water pipe?

    Here in Northern Minnesota, we have had sub zero weather with no snow this year. Many people are experiencing problems with frozen water and septic pipes. I need to thaw a 1" black plastic water line that is burried 6 feet below ground and is 30' long. I know some use steamers, but I can't find a source for them. Any suggestions would be apprecieated.
  • John Felciano John Felciano @ 7:01 AM
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    We've had great luck thawing these types of lines out by pumping hot water into them.We made up a rig that uses a propane burner,a transfer pump, and 1/4" copper tube. To Learn More About This Contractor, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Contractor"
  • John Cockerill John Cockerill @ 11:33 PM
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    frozen pipe

    Might try a hot water flush, fish down the pipe with a smaller sized 3/4 plastic pipe. You can get the pipe at an Irrigation supply house.
  • Gary Gary @ 8:47 PM
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    Buy a Arctic Blaster

    Its so simple it will blow your mind , and it will only take a half a gallon of water and 15 minutes to thaw that line.
  • Dan Joyce Dan Joyce @ 9:12 PM
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    Artic Blaster

    What is it in detail
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