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    Nat. Gas 11\" inlet, 10\" Manifold (2 Posts)

  • Larry Larry @ 8:08 PM
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    Unusual Rating Plate Info

    Hello all. Went to a residence today to check for low gas pressure. More times than not, this usually means the service person has run out of parts to replace. Found 6.6"wc at outlet of meter with no burners on. Turned up water heater stat and noticed burner flame very low and occasionally goes back to burn on the orifice. Went ahead and set reg to our standard delivery of 7". After checking pressure at inlet to water heater (OK), I checked the rating plate. This gets screwy. The data lists fuel type as natural but also calls for 11" inlet and 10" on the manifold. Control labled for Nat. The dealer in our area didn't even venture a guess and spurted out the 1-800 tech line. Tech support was incredulous and I'm sure he thought I was on mood-altering substances. I didn't take it any further due to time constraints and that I'm pretty sure the main valve on the furnace was bad also. 24V across the operator and not opening. I later found out the guy had been nasty over the phone to the office folks because his contractor had successfully convinced him we were the cause of his equipment problems. Ahh, nothing like a cold snap to bring out the wierd stuff and remind us how much junk is expected to perform its magic one more winter. I think the season is officially on. Treasure the time with loved ones. Might not see 'em again 'till Thanksgiving Has anybody else seen a rating plate mystery like this? It's a residential Bradford-White. 40,000 Btu. Model: M1403S6LN12 Serial: SC1448981 Dash Number:-130-131 Number on valve is 222-40251-01B Larry
  • Dale Dale @ 9:35 AM
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    When the contractor wants to leave

    We see this blaming pressure on the supplier all the time. When the contractor wants to leave and can't solve the problem ( with us it's usually poor pipe sizing ) he blames the supplier and ends the yelling for at least a day. I don't see how the water heater and furnace are connected but the Bradford White people better get a field rep there fast. Putting bad info on a rating plate will get them alot of lawsuits.
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