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    Steam Pipe Insulation (4 Posts)

  • Scott Winkler Scott Winkler @ 2:09 PM
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    Steam Pipe Insulation

    Hi, I had asbestos removed and need to re-insulate the steam pipes in my basement. Is this a do-it-myself job? I already reinsulated the hot water pipes, but that was easy and off-the-shelf. The steam pipes are much bigger in diameter and much hotter. Where do I get the proper insulation? What is the proper insulation material. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  • Al Letellier Al Letellier @ 3:32 PM
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    This is a question oft asked on this site, Scott. Fiberglass insulation of at least 3/4" or better yet 1" thickness is advised for all piping above the water line of the boiler. You can do it yourself, but if you want it done right and have it look like a pro did it, hire one. Many times they can do it for about the same it will cost you to buy it. This insulation is not available in stores and must be purchased wholesale, so unless you know someone, it's not generally a DIY job. To Learn More About This Contractor, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Contractor"
  • Tony Brown Tony Brown @ 6:33 PM
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    Hello, my copper water pipe (before feeding the boiler and water heater) is very close, and in some places it "touches" the steam main. I can't visualize insulation wrapped around the steam pipe, because copper pipe so close. Can I just have the insulation wrapped around them both (together), or should I try to create some distance between the pipes before insulating?
  • Jon Jon @ 10:30 PM
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    ...has a lot of insulation suitable for steam pipes. Go to: Search for "Urethane Pipe Insulation". You'll find quite a few options there.
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