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    Flamecor boiler manuals (2 Posts)

  • Harold Harold @ 8:15 PM
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    Flamecor Boiler manuals

    I recently bought a used natural gas fired Flamecor boiler that has no users or installation manual and would like to install it in my garage to supply an in-floor hydronic heating system. The boiler was built in Carlton Place, Ontario (Canada)in 1984 and has a Weishaupt burner unit. The Flamecor model number is 108, serial number 00161, 80K btu in, 76.8K btu out. It has a CGA logo on the information metal plate. The Weishaupt burner type is WG1N/2-E manufactured in 1983. The unit has been used very little (5 years) and was replaced a year ago by the previous owner when he added to his home and needed a larger boiler. The unit appears to be in very good condition but I need to know if the unit is still approved for use, what type of venting and combustion air code requirements there are. The unit appears to be a sealed combustion, direct vent unit. I have searched the web for info on Flamecor with no luck and have contacted Weishaupt re the burner unit. I would really appreciate any assistance you could provide. Thank you.
  • jon1 jon1 @ 9:51 PM
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    boiler info

    I didn't see a reply to this...
    I have the same unit and am also lloking for info. In my case I could likely get by with just a picture of the electrical diagram on the inside of the unit... mice ate mine.
    If anyone was/is able to provide some info on this it would be very helpful.
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