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    tankless gas /electric water heaters (2 Posts)

  • BOB BOB @ 10:11 AM
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    tankless gas / electric water heaters

    I would like your professional opinion on the gas / electric tankless water heaters that are out on the market today. What brand are you using? What happens if they are installed in a area that has hard water and the water is not treated? Are they running without a lot of down time because of bad gas valves or other defective parts? Do these units keep up with the demand for hot water? How are they priced compared against regular tank type water heaters? Would you use them in your own home? Thanks for you input.
  • jw jw @ 12:41 PM
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    Look at the Seisco electric modulating water heater. They show that on an annual energy consumption basis, they will beat the energy cost of a tank NG fired water heater. I use them to fire radiant floors. Max out put temp is 140F and have seen a 28kW unit only drawing 10A! I have a link on my site at
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