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    glycol with PEX tubing (4 Posts)

  • Wild Bill Wild Bill @ 6:24 PM
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    glycol causing leaks w/ PEX tubing

    I just encountered a system with 30% glycol, there are some weeps (two) in the Stadler tubing at the "Press" style fittings that will not go away. The tubing goes to the heating coil in the attic with a Unico A/C system. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  • hr hr @ 8:50 PM
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    You might

    check the ph level of the glycol. When it goes bad ph drops and it will attack brass and copper, as wello as all metals. What pressure is the system running at? I have seen plenty of glycol leaks at threaded fittings, never at a crimp connection. Make sure the crimp tool is adjusted to spec and you are getting the correct "squeeze. Does this tool/ fitting have a go-no go gauge like regular crip ring pex connections? hot rod To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
  • Weezbo Weezbo @ 12:13 AM
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    could try wirsbo fittings :)dezincified brass:)

    justa thought. none of mine leak and its 50 50 :) is it permissable to say that on the internet? I am not saying rehau fittings wouldnt work...:) you have metric? i might have seen someone open a 1/2"pex ring collar like a 3/8ths" collar First Then attach the stadler pipe....havent tried the rehau evrlock on stadler though...i t is one of my predjuices..i like wirsbo fittings...
  • Jeff Matson Jeff Matson @ 10:20 AM
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    press connections

    Viega press fittings should not leak even with glycol solutions up to 50%. It's not a problem that we have seen frequently, though glycol does have a tendency to find even the tiniest avenue of escape from a system. I'll drop you a personal e-mail and we can discuss some ways to troubleshoot these connections. There is not a go/no-go gauge for Viega press connections, as one is not needed. The ratcheting press tool can not be opened without making a proper press connection, so system security is guaranteed. Viega stands behind these tools and fittings, and if any problems occur contact us and they will be promptly resolved. Jeff Matson, Product Engineer, Viega NA
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