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    Lennox Model Numbers...............................(Starch) (5 Posts)

  • John Starcher John Starcher @ 6:15 PM
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    Someone posted here.......

    ....quite a long time ago with a "decoding" chart for lennox model numbers, and how they relate to equipment size. Specifically, I'm looking at a HS29-261-3P condensing unit. What is the BTU rating of this unit??? Thanks, Starch
  • Jeff Lawrence Jeff Lawrence @ 8:33 PM
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    hope this what you're looking for

    Lennox equipment: 211= 1.5 ton, single phase 261= 2 ton, single phase 311= 2.5 ton, single phase 411= 3 ton single phase 413= 3 ton, 3 phase 461= 3.5 ton single phase 463= 3.5 ton, 3 phase 511= 4 ton single phase 513= 4 ton 3 phase 653= 5 ton 3 phase The Wall strikes again! To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
  • Jared M Jared M @ 8:38 PM
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    Lennox model numbers

    14= 1 ton 21= 1-1/2 ton 26= 2 ton 31= 2-1/2 ton 41= 3 ton 46= 3-1/2 ton 51= 4 ton 65= 5 ton So, your unit is a two ton model. The HS stands for high side, HP for heat pump. The next two numbers are the series of unit, they generally work up as they introduce new models. Then a dash and the next two digits which are the capacity, see above. The third number between the dashes indicates single phase or 3 phase, a single phase unit in your case. And the last numbers after the next dash will be the series number and sometimes a letter which indicates the voltage So an HS29-261-1P is an air conditioner, 29 series, 2 ton, single phase, first revision (we call that the dash number, important when ordering parts) and the P stands for 208-230 volts. -Jared
  • John Starcher John Starcher @ 10:24 PM
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    That's why......

    ....I love this site! Thanks, guys. I knew I'd find an answer here. Starch
  • gmr1234 gmr1234 @ 3:43 AM
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    Lennox heat pump

    Hi. Anyone know if you can buy a new one of this model (HP19-261-3P) or at least a replacement?
    Thanks. Garry
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