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  • oil-2-4-6-gas oil-2-4-6-gas @ 6:29 PM
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    burham v7-5 leaking

    my friend has a Burnham v7-5 its leaking not sure where yet but i know that i had replaced a couple of th v7's w/the crack at the cleanouts--it was full warranty and labor was also paid ---i'm going over to look at it tomorrow just wondering if the factory is stil taking care of these or what the situation is these days
  • lchmb lchmb @ 9:28 PM
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    check with

    Glenn Stanton, he may be able to help you.
  • Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor @ 9:55 PM
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    up here

    they are offering 250 dollars and a block on leaking v-7 Intersetingly enough on the leaking V-8's no labor but a whole new boiler. Burner circ etc. Moral of the story. All boilers should be on unions!!! Regards Robert ME
  • oil-2-4-6-gas oil-2-4-6-gas @ 10:16 PM
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    yes ---unions -i did a v74 with domestic coil 2 years ago in CT it was piped so nice that it took me and a helper 3 hours including travel to replace
  • D Logan Ireland Oil Co Inc D Logan Ireland Oil Co Inc @ 8:05 PM
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    I agree that Burnham should supply unions with all their boilers
  • oil-2-4-6-gas oil-2-4-6-gas @ 9:24 PM
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    What are agreeing to? they should not send any piping--unless in the case of a Buderus-where there is no tapping on the boiler for the relief --hence the special thread on the boiler
  • N/A @ 10:23 PM

    Mr. Logan (Ireland Oil)

    is simply being sarcastic in expressing his opinion of our V7 replacement policies. David only comes on here when there is a post regarding Burnham. We've offered to try and straighten things out but apparently he doesn't want to. Chooses instead to promote his favorite brand by displaying one of our leakers next to his favorite brand in his showroom. Whatever works for him I guess. Glenn Stanton Manager of Training Burnham Hydronics
  • D Logan Ireland Oil Co Inc D Logan Ireland Oil Co Inc @ 10:36 AM
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    Glenn You refer to my post as sarcasem.I prefer to think of it in different terms.Lets call it a taste of Irish humor.Oh by the way,I never recieved my Burnham Jackets for those Burnham leakers we replaced.We recieved them for the original install but not for the leaker replacements.....Now that last statement was sarcasem.See the difference.Glenn all kidding aside Burnham is fortunate to have you on their team and your responses to all the posts on this website are informative and on target.David Logan
  • N/A @ 12:10 PM

    Thank you David

    I hope that some day that our companies can settle our differences and enjoy a more positive type of relationship. I'd like that alot! Glenn Stanton Manager of Training Burnham Hydronics
  • N/A @ 10:37 PM

    RE: V7

    When you get there tomorrow call the number below with the Model and Serial numbers and they will handle it for you. You will also need to tell them which Burnham distributor you choose to deal with. 1-888-432-8887 Glenn Stanton Manager of Training Burnham Hydronics
  • oil-2-4-6-gas oil-2-4-6-gas @ 10:45 PM
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    thank you for the info--i'm going to see what the original installer says and i will see where it is leaking from ------
  • oil-2-4-6-gas oil-2-4-6-gas @ 7:55 PM
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    well the boiler is under warranty--and getting the labor credit--- the orinal installer is going to replace it --thanks for the info ---i was going to do the job but there was a lot of piping/wiring in the way so he gets to b@#%ch at himself as he's doing it
  • paul sr paul sr @ 7:20 AM
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    leaking v-blocks

    In the past couple years ive changed at least a dozen v-blocks. For some strange reason, when we find a leaking 3 section Burnham sends us a four. Now the boiler is oversized. I dont recommend the burnham v. Customers cant believe they spent 3 or 4 thousand on a product thats supposed to last 20+ years, and we have to pull them out six months later. Its an inconvienence to all partys involved.The $250 dont cut it in most cases, and the homeowner is in no hurry to make up the difference. Im going to be proffesional about it and not speak of the boiler we currently use, but i can tell you i change one block to a dozen v-blocks. Also should be quieter(they sound like a jet!) and have a rear flue option. Hope they will improve. See alot of 30yr old burnhams still working great. Think that was before the tin cans and rubber tires found there way into that recycled cast. (cant beat that virgin cast iron).
  • N/A @ 11:51 AM


    The blocks you are referring to are by no means 6 months old. The V7 series was superseded by the V8 series well over 5 years ago now, so any blocks you are changing are at least that old. I'm not sure why you seem to be getting the 4 sections for the 3 sections unless it was situation of not being able to wait a day or two for the corect one to arrive. What I do know is that the V8 is a completely redesigned section assembly and has been well accepted by the trade. The other thing I know is that we don't melt down "rubber tires and tin cans" as your reference indicated to make our cast iron sections. It is indeed as virgin a product as it can be. Hope this helps. Glenn Stanton Manager of Training Burnham Hydronics
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