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    Guestimate on EMPTY weight for standard old inside oil tank? (9 Posts)

  • Brad White Brad White @ 7:58 AM
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    I checked the Highland Tank catalog

    Their 275 gallon Tough Tank (12 Ga.single-wall) is 279 lbs. Their 330 gallon model is 320 lbs. One pound per gallon seems too handy a point of reference....
  • Jed Jed @ 7:03 PM
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    279-300lbs. for a typical 275 gal. dry, empty, steel oil tank. Two guys can handle it o.k. Dimentional clearance, I assume, are o.k., also. But, you estimate 2-3 gallons of sludge. I hope your estimate is accurate. What if it's 4-6 gallons, or 8-12 gallons? What does 1 gallon of oil weigh? And , what does 1 gallon of sludge oil weigh? Those are the variables which might up the beef required. Jed
  • Techman Techman @ 6:55 AM
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    Oiltank weight

    Jim ,try 150-200lbs EMPTY.14ga
  • Dave DeFord Dave DeFord @ 7:32 AM
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    I did the same thing..

    a couple of years ago. As I remember it was a fairly easy job for 2 guys - but then I have outside stairs. If the legs unscrew removing them may make things easier if you have headroom problems.
  • Don \ Don \"Grumpy\" Walsh @ 2:52 AM
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    Read on a website where it was stated a 265 gallon steel tank weighed 120 pounds.
  • Guy Guy @ 2:38 PM
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    Throw a rope loop through the leg brackets on either end to create lifting handles.
  • Jason Jason @ 4:20 PM
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    2 guys no problem

    As others have said- I just did this in February. 2 of us and it was no problem. It does help if you are taller, I am over 6 ft. and it didn't even strain my back. the shorter guy said it was sort of awkward to lift, but not too heavy.
  • Jim Jim @ 1:08 AM
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    Since somebody will probably say/ask this...

    I do know oil tanks corrode with use/time. The tank is just 6 years old, so has plenty life left in it I think!
  • Jim Jim @ 12:52 AM
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    Guestimate on DRY weight of typical old inside steel oil tank?

    Hi All! I have an empty tank I'd like to haul up from my basement to my parents farm (for diesel). Its in excellent shape. Reuse is technically forbidden in my city Im going to do it anyways. Removal outfits wont do it cuz they cant aid reuse, plus they are set up to deal with full tanks. No such rules at the farm! I imagine it has 2-3 gallons sludge in there we will burn up in our waste oil heater. The thing is I gotta get it up the basement stairs, and I know thats going to be fun! my question--I wonder if any of y'all know what a typical standard 265-gal type oval steel tank weighs? allowing for the fact that there are doubtless various gauges of steel and other variables--I'm just looking for ballpark so I can begin planning. I hunted around online for a comparable tank with dry weight from manufactures, but it seems like everything is plastic now. thanks for any help, I appreciate it!
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