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    Black iron monoflow tees (5 Posts)

  • Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor @ 9:58 AM
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    Here's one. This cast iron mono-flo tee I'm guessing was installed in the mid-fifties to "try" and heat a cold porch. As I was evaluating the system for a boiler replacement I noticed them. I said to the HO " I guess this room stays pretty cold eh?" and he replied "yeh, how'd ya know that?". This was on an original open gravity system that someone recently introduced a pump to but couldn't get the house above 50. Robert O'Connor/NJ
  • Tom M. Tom M. @ 9:48 PM
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    If they all go from supply piping to return piping,

    then they shouldn't need monoflow tees. Monoflow tees are used to create a pressure difference between two tees in the same loop. If the piping and circulator are sized properly, then there should be a pressure difference between the supply and return piping, causing flow through all of the Modines. Hope this helps. Tom M.
  • Saggs Saggs @ 1:46 PM
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    Do black iron monoflow tees exist? Looked at a job with several large modines all branched off a common supply loop and dumped into a comon return. The only way this could work would be w/ monflow tees in the 2" iron piping. Anyone seen these before?
  • steve steve @ 2:19 PM
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    Yes they do.
  • bob young bob young @ 8:14 PM
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    b. & g. makes them and taco used to make a venturi scoop tee. kinda looks like a funnel w/ two ends. still got some laying around the shop from maybe 1970. all 1 1/4 "x 3/4 "
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