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    Pool Heater using Hydronic boiler (11 Posts)

  • Dan Dan @ 9:34 AM
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    We have an unheated in-ground pool. We just updated our home boiler system to a high output Buderus G215. Im thinking about options for heating the pool. Im wondering which option would be cheaper or easier to install and run: (1) a separate heater just for the pool, or (2) connect the pool to my Buderus. Any thoughts?
  • dconnors dconnors @ 11:28 AM
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    I would connect to the boiler

    Use a flate plate heat exchanger that is built for chlorinated water. Should be cheaper than installing a whole new heater.
  • Joe Brix Joe Brix @ 11:46 AM
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    HT Products

    as a stainless steel HX tank for use as a pool heater. Biggest issue is probably getting the piping from the pool pump to the boiler.
  • Constantin Constantin @ 11:50 AM
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    I'd also consider...

    ... a solar pool heater. These are typically not that expensive and the heat is free. Plus, they work best when you need them, i.e. all summer. If you build a simple drainback system the collector can even stagnate once the water in the pool becomes too hot.
  • N/A @ 2:05 PM

    ever think of....

    Constantin, Ever think of putting PEX tube in the pool deck to cool the pool for comfortable feet AND heat the pool? We have even used the snow melt in driveways to heat the pool and cool the driveway :-) Steve
  • @ 11:55 AM
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    plate and frame

    for you a plate and frame heat exchanger will work nicely, just make sure you use a 3 way valve to bypass some of the hot water into the return line for extra insurance as not to shock the boiler. I know buderus can run low, but its a extra precaution.
  • dconnors dconnors @ 1:34 PM
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    not necessary on the Buderus

    he has a G215 which requires no set flow or temp.
  • dconnors dconnors @ 2:14 PM
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    could use pex tube under the pool......

    although it might be difficult getting it under there. :-)
  • hr hr @ 9:05 PM
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    pools can consume a lot of BTU

    got enough boiler output to drive that type of load? I'd also suggest a shell and tube type HX. Triangle or Weil McLain are my favorites, they can handle the pools side flow easily and have large connections. hot rod To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
  • N/A @ 2:01 PM

    pool heating

    maxi-flo Stainless Steel Pool & SPa heat Exchanger, manufactured by Traingle Tube. sizing chart and installation instructions. now available in Titanium! We have used many of these with great success! Steve
  • Hank_CT Hank_CT @ 8:31 AM
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