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    Steam Pipe Supports (5 Posts)

  • Tony Conner Tony Conner @ 8:29 PM
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    With A...

    ... reverse slope, you can go up a pipe size to keep the steam velocity down, and/or install drip traps on more frequent intervals than would normally be done for a forward slope. Normally, forward slope is the way to go, if it can be arranged. However, there are places where you just can't do it because of space restrictions, or with a one-pipe steam system.
  • gehring gehring @ 6:48 PM
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    I am not an expert but doesn't the pitch depend on whether it is a counterflow or non-counterflow system? 1" in 10' if it is counterflow?
  • thfurnitureguy thfurnitureguy @ 6:50 AM
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    Steam Pipe Supports

    What is a good Spacing for pipe supports? I found a sag in a 50' section of 3" main ( has no supports) The old style clamps used elswhere are a ball and socket type Is there anything on the market that is on "allthread" or such that is adjustable? It would be nice to be able to crank them up to the right pitch once they are installed. Pitch 1" in 20'? thanks T.
  • Jim Bennett Jim Bennett @ 8:00 AM
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    I use steel clevis hangers. Jim
    Jim Bennett
  • Tony Conner Tony Conner @ 7:57 AM
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    The Recommended...

    ...maximum support spacing on 3" steel pipe with steam or gas is 15 feet. You should likely have at least 4 hangers on the 50 feet of line. If it's a long run, you should use roller hangers on steam to allow for expansion, but at 50 feet you're likely OK with plain clevis hangers. Get some threaded rod (1/2" for 3" pipe hangers), nuts & washers, and make up the hanger assemblies to match whatever the distance is from the centreline of the pipe to whatever you're hanging from, on the other end. There's a big range of support hardware to connect the top end of the rod to just about anything you can imagine - structural steel shapes, concrete decking, or wood. We aim for a slope of 1" in 20 feet.
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