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    Everhot 'anti surge' tank on steam header (3 Posts)

  • Ray Landry Ray Landry @ 6:03 PM
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    Went on a call today on a weil mclain EG steamer that had directly on top of the steam header out of the boiler a device which read 'all copper anti surge tank' made by everhot model number 77d. What is the purpose of this device? Is it some type of a drier? I wish I brought my camera! Off of the side of this device there was a 3/4 tap that went directly to the wet return. The boiler is seriously in need of a re pipe, no hartford loop, no equalizer at all, bullhead tee on the main it goes on... Just curious at what this device does and if it would be in my best interest to keep it. This is a one pipe system I think it is counter flow believe it or not the basement ceiling is sheetocked! The house was moved to a different town back in the 80's and was built on a 9' foundation. So now all of the UNINSULATED steam mains are hidden. Greeaattt.
  • Bill Nye Bill Nye @ 6:18 PM
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    band aid

    It has a tapered baffle inside. It is intended to seperate the water and steam. I suppose they work. I have seen them because a contractor in my area uses them. If you have proper near boiler piping and a Hartford loop you wouldn't need it.
  • Al Gregory Al Gregory @ 11:12 PM
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    they cost almost as much as it would to pipe a loop
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