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  • EdTheHeaterMan EdTheHeaterMan @ 9:03 PM
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    Does the Erie boiler boss 4 zone circ control have Normal open and normel closed contacts for each zone? (Taco and argo only have normal open contacts to operate circulator) I want to operate steam zone valves that need power to open and power to close
  • EdTheHeaterMan EdTheHeaterMan @ 8:42 AM
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    Thanks .... but valve motor is 110V
  • Ray Landry Ray Landry @ 9:03 AM
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    What about using a 120v general purpose relay?
  • EdTheHeaterMan EdTheHeaterMan @ 9:35 AM
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    I can do that for each zone with no problem... I think that is the way i will end up! I was hopeing for the nice compact look of the multi zone panel like Argo, Taco and the like. I have not used Erie Boiler Boss and I can't find the schematic on their website to see if the 4 zone circ relay has SPST or SPDT (with NO and NC terminals) as the single zone relays have
  • Joe Mattiello Joe Mattiello @ 9:36 AM
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    Look at pages 47, and 48 of the Taco zone control wiring guide. We show valves that need 24 volts to open/close so we take a lead off the right hand t terminal at the top of the board where the thermostat is wired too. For your convenience I attached a copy of the Taco zone control wiring guide. Hopefully this helps you
    joe mattiello
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