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    Upstairs radiators do not heat up. System is gas-fired back boil (8 Posts)

  • jim mclean jim mclean @ 8:29 AM
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    I have found one radiator which required bleeding and has brought a further radiator back into use . 2 further radiators are still giving trouble but it may be the valves or that rebalancing is required. Many thanks .
  • Andy Byrnes Andy Byrnes @ 9:24 AM
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    What happens when you try to bleed the rads upstaire ?
  • Empire Empire @ 9:37 AM
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    If hot water system

    Sounds like an air lock problem. As stated above is there any way to manually vent the system? Was your expansion tank replaced? not sure if that's what you meant..... What is the pressure on the boiler? Did someone forget to turn the water back on top the PRV? More info would help us help you.... My .02 Mike T.
  • Empire Empire @ 6:30 PM
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    I think....the pressure on the system is lo. Are you sure the guage is correct? Just some thoughts.... Mike T.
  • Chris G Chris G @ 7:09 PM
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    How do I increase presssure on the system?
  • jim mclean jim mclean @ 9:23 AM
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    Central heating

    I have a gas-fired back boiler heating system . On turning the system on after the summer break the whole system appears to work satisfactory except that the upstairs radiators do not heat up . During the summer a new hot water cylinder was installed . Has this anything to do with the fault or is there another problem ? Any answers gratefully received .
  • Chris G Chris G @ 11:56 AM
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    radiators upstairs not heating up

    I have a gas fired radiator system that I replacede the pump for this past spring. Now the upstairs radiators are not heating up. I know very little about my sytem. All of the downstairs radiators bled water. When I go to bleed the upstairs some air comes out but then nothing. It is warmer downstairs than upstairs. I am concerned that pressure is building somehwere and it may be dangerous and it is cold upstairs. Can any one make any simple recommendations. Again, I know very little to begin with.
  • Shawn M Shawn M @ 8:39 AM
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    Steam Return line blower/heater

    I have a one-pipe steam system in my home. I used to have a blower attached to the return line which would turn on when the hot water returned to the boiler. It was old and taken off. I would like to replace it,but don't know what it is called or where it can be purchased.
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