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    Burnham series V1 22 years old (3 Posts)

  • Tanton mattson Tanton mattson @ 4:41 PM
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    Burnham Series V1 boiler, 22 years old

    Help!!!!! Our boiler is older but the efficiancy has always been excellant (88+%). At some time a 110x60 nozzle was installed and that is how we got it 6 yearts ago. We haven't had any problems untill our tech installed a 135 nozzle (factory recommended) and now every once in awhile when it fires it sounds like the furnace is coming apart. We just had the fire shield replaced acouple of years ago and I fear for it's life. At some time the other night the furnace shut itself down so we woke up to a 52degree house which literally took 12 hours to warm up. Most of the time it fires smoothly but not as quiet as when the 110 nozzle was in it. We also have noticed that the furnace comes on for a shorter period of time and comes on more often than with the 110 nozzel it had. A new oil filter was installed and hasn't made a difference. Thank You Tanton Mattson Fitzwilliam New Hampshire
  • Robert O'Connor Robert O'Connor @ 5:15 PM
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    This is a very durable oil boiler sounds like it just needs to be checked by a tech. Ask him to look the coil plate over . This is the weak spot on these boilers. All the best Robert ME
  • Steamhead (in transit) Steamhead (in transit) @ 5:37 PM
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    Sounds like a V-15

    I have a V-14 in my house which is about the same age. Which burner is on this boiler? If it's the ABC-Sunray FC you have to make sure the nozzle spray angle is right, also the head adjustments. They're different for each of the V1 models. Also, if you were getting plenty of heat from the 1.10 nozzle, there was no reason to change it.
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