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    Source for washers? (3 Posts)

  • Ken Johnson Ken Johnson @ 10:18 AM
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    Source for washers?

    I have been unable to find a local source for replacement washers for steam radiator shut-off valves. 1.25" O.D., 5/16" thick and larger. Anyone know of a mail-order or online source? Thanks.
  • Ken Johnson Ken Johnson @ 6:49 PM
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    Made my own

    Bought a washer cutter on Ebay; got material from McMaster Carr.  Did all of the old shutoff valves.
  • Sexauer

    is a specialty house for repair parts; plumbing and heating.  If you can't find a direct replacement in their catalog, do like Ken says and make your own. Sexauer has sheet packing available; catalog #066829 for 1/8" thickness.

    Sexauer (800)431-1872

    Crest/Good is another source for quality repair parts - (800)862-7378

    The people that answer the phones at the above phone numbers presume that you know the catalog numbers of what you want; they get real testy when you start asking questions.  I give out their phone numbers so that you can ask for the contact information of your local rep. who may be more willing to bird dog the part you need.
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