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    Munchkin Tech Support question (7 Posts)

  • bobbyg bobbyg @ 3:40 PM
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    thanks for the response. Again, I know you are busy and I appreciate your help. Keep on Munching with the Munchkins! Some of my customers call me the Munchkin man! Thanks again.
  • Wayco Wayne Wayco Wayne @ 4:15 PM
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    What a classic picture

    posted below. Pizza and Donuts holes. The cord from the computer is obviously headed to an ear phone while Chuck listens to his favorite Jefferson Starship CD. Notice the water temp is 77 degrees. Must be a radiant floor. WW To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"
  • bobbyg bobbyg @ 6:25 PM
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    Waco Wayne you've got it all wrong. He's pondering if he could by with grabbing that last Munchkin in the box. We are all sitting there looking ahead and he is going to try to sneak a couple more of those munchkins in. But you may just be right about the Jefferson Starship though. All kidding aside, HTP (including Chuck) has been a great company to work with. But I will especially have to give Howard Endres (Hot Water Products Inc.-Wisconsin) credit for teaching me and helping me get started selling these great boilers. attached is another great job a customer installed.
  • Bmac42 Bmac42 @ 12:05 PM
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    Munchkin programming help

    I have a Munchkin Boiler and would like to increase the temperature of the radiant heat water being circulated through the floors.


  • Henry Henry @ 5:54 PM
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    The burners used by most condensing boilers are made of S/S and/or covered by a laced fabric to reduce NOx. The flame burns a bit of the surface of the burner. I have actualy surprised some folks by touching a 1.5million BTU burner after gas shut-off in a lab. It was room temperature!
    BTW, the Elite, Elite plus are the least troublesome installs of any mod/con that we install!
  • bobbyg bobbyg @ 10:13 AM
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    HTP tech support question

    I called yesterday and left a message with tech support) about a homeowner having a natural gas well. His gas has a high sulfur content. My questions are this. 1. How will this "high sulfur content" natural gas affect the burner/boiler. 2. What is the burner "sock" made of? Is it alcro-mesh (I assume that is aluminum-chromium?) I am still waiting for a return call/response. Keep up the good work! Munchkins rock! PS: attached is a job one of my contractors installed two years ago.
  • Chuck Shaw Chuck Shaw @ 1:32 PM
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    I will give you a qualified answer

    The person that I would most like to ask the question, is not available until Monday. My first thought, is that you would most likely have to clean the heat exchanger on a very regular basis. I am not sure of the exact make up of the burner material, again, I will not be able to ask until Monday. Hope this helps, Chuck Shaw Technical Support Dept Heat Transfer Products
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