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 B . Martino

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ohm readings

@ February 14, 2014 10:53 AM in Lockinvar TNA 151-100 COMMERCIAL WATER HEATER

Yes I rang out the coils . They read infinity, sorry I failed to put that in the original question.


@ February 13, 2014 2:52 PM in Lockinvar TNA 151-100 COMMERCIAL WATER HEATER

We have a Lockinvar  TNA151-100 that fails to fire . The igniter comes on and there is 24 volts going to the gas valve but no flame . There are 2 coils on the gas valve that I would prefer to replace instead of the whole gas valve . The gas valve is a Honeywell Type VK8115  1036 . My suppliers claims you have to buy the whole valve but this valve is set up similar to a gas dryer valve that you can easily replace the coils on. Does anybody know if this is possible instead of dropping $600.00 on a new valve

electric stair climber

@ January 3, 2014 10:22 AM in boiler replacement: question for one-man shops

There is a company called Wesco that makes an electric stair climbing hand truck that can lift 800 lbs up the stairs. All you need to do is keep it balanced and the dolly literally climbs the stairs. It cost about $2200.00 but would pay for itself in a short time.

ventless gas fireplace insert

@ December 10, 2013 10:15 AM in ventless gas fireplace insert

Can anyone tell me the code in Massachusetts for these non vented gas fireplace inserts. 

inra red

@ November 5, 2013 1:44 PM in Fiber Optics

I had a similar situation a year ago in a slab house. I talked to a guy from the town water department that does underground leak detection and he said go to the fire department and see if they will come out with their thermal imaging camera and scan the floor.
He joked that they are sitting around doing nothing and would love to get to use the equipment that they rarely get to use. Long story short went to fire department and explained the situation. They asked the address and said we will be right along. 5 minutes later a ladder truck pulls up 6 guys jump out and in they come with the thermal imaging camera and pinpointed the leak in 1 minute. The best part it was free. They were just excited to try their new toy out. I made the repair in a couple hours , ALL Set

hydro therm boiler issue

@ October 31, 2013 11:03 AM in hydro therm boiler issue

Got a no heat call from customer. Went to job and sure enough the pilot is out . Re lit pilot and turned gas valve on everything fires up great I'm outta here. Get call next day no heat. Go back pilot is out . Re lit pilot burner comes on runs till water gets to about 130 degrees and everything goes out the pilot and burner. Ok  new  thermocouple installed that and same deal it runs then shuts everything in 10 minutes. Check voltage to gas valve while its burning and there is 24 volts the whole time even after everything cuts out. Ok  need a new gas valve. Install that light it off and after 10 minutes everything goes out . The burner and pilot. Cleaned the pilot orifice and same thing happens. I do notice that when it's running the flame is nice and blue but just before it kicks out the flame from the pilot assembly turns whit and then it all goes out. I do notice that the pilot assembly gets cherry red as does the thermocouple . There seems to be a slight more heat coming from the front of the boiler than I would consider normal. is there such a thing as a thermocouple over heating. My next stem is to tear the boiler down and brush the sections clean. The draft hood seems to be drawing fine . This boiler is pre spill switches and vent dampers. Has anyone had this happen to them .  Help    Dave

snowmelt system

@ February 2, 2009 7:25 AM in Snow Melt System

I will be installing a snow melt system with a plate heat exchanger and injection pump. My question is do I need a primary pump going through the the heat exchanger on the snow melt side or will the injection pump just be able to pull from the exchanger as it is a short loop from supply to return In other word will the pump from the boiler to the heat exchanger act as the primary and the injection off the exchanger will just pull from the exchanger.

Cast Iron v.s Black Malleable on steam systems

@ March 31, 2006 11:35 AM in Cast Iron v.s Black Malleable on steam systems

I am a plumber at a community hospital that is in the middle of a 50 million dollar expansion. The engieering firm has specified black malleable fittings on the steam as opposed to Cast Iron. I say any pipefitter worth his weight would never use black malleable. They told me I was old school. whats the opinion out there!!!!