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@ December 6, 2007 3:49 AM in obtaining a boiler

jd - whats a DBA?

@ December 6, 2007 3:46 AM in obtaining a boiler

thanks timco. i had two designs on the table, and one has a primary loop. i was actually favoring the non p/s system because there was something about the p/s loop i never got my head around. i just don't feel as confident in my p/s design. i have to rework it now to fit this boiler. here is what troubles me: primarily- I want to move about 5gpm across the heat exchanger. The boiler supply and return are 1 1/4 npt. What way is there to slow the flow down but to neck down or throttle the primary loop? secondarily- for me i have 4 zones in my secondary circuit. if i have all 3/4" zones calling for heat and a maximum flow rate of 5 gpm's... that reads like an awfully slow ride to the radiators. it worries me, design wise. seems that the secondary circuit could 'eat up' all the flow from the primary loop - which again brings me to wonder how the primary loop can both feed the circuit and maintain the loop while running only 5 gpm... now i've hit a wall. i'll attach a picture of the basic lay out for anyone willing to take a look. it would have a ESBE valve depicted if i could find one to buy, but i haven't been able to. i'll keep looking.

@ December 5, 2007 11:11 PM in heat tranfer plates

nice work on those plates

@ December 5, 2007 9:13 PM in obtaining a boiler

yep i saw all those options. i just got really specific with my design and wanted a simple CI burnham. i ended up buying a Laars minitherm jvt050n. i was concerned about it being a copper fin boiler... and despite all my calculations... afraid i'd end up with condensation issues. so here goes nothing.

I don't know how this question is going to be received... but

@ December 5, 2007 8:16 PM in obtaining a boiler

I'm a long time lurker. I've been designing a small heating system for some time now. I have every piece I need... save for the boiler. I haven't tried to purchase one yet, because most suppliers won't sell one to the public. I understand their reasons for that entirely. believe me. I've studied very hard and I'm thrilled to put this system together - it is only for my own use, in my own home. i'm not a pro. i know it, but i would like to be one day. I realize this may rub a lot of people the wrong way... I am asking: How does a person buy a boiler on their own? you can use email if you don't want to advise me publicly. or at all. i understand. i will gladly answer any questions about my design strategy. i'm in philadelphia. thank you

@ December 5, 2007 7:09 PM in visual flow indicator

heres a fun one i found. never used it or anything but it seems suitable.

B&G Circuit Setter

@ December 5, 2007 6:20 PM in circuit setter

If I were to pipe a small bypass (1") on a small (~50kbtu) hot water system, and use a circuit setter, like the B&G unit i attached a picture of here... would it function correctly with 4 zones ahead of it? i was worrying, maybe, that the variation in flow through the zone valves would be too much fluctuation for it to truly regulate the return temperature any better than, say a hand bypass (throttled ball valve) thanks for reading

@ November 22, 2007 8:49 PM in Very cool old radiator

that one i saw in brooklyn. you can certainly find one around here, if you're looking for one, i can ask around.

ah thanks

@ November 4, 2007 11:57 PM in New System From Scratch, almost

wonderful, around here not a single building has zoned heating. these old uninsulated brick buildings are pretty much heated to high heaven and residents throttle down their radiators as needed. all based on a single outside thermometer. oh probably a reset too. i guess the main thing about that, now that i think about it, is the importance of a differential pressure regulator... if they all for some reason closed their radiators off from the system... woo

hot water

@ November 4, 2007 7:53 PM in New System From Scratch, almost

So, I rebuilt a dozen old cast iron radiators, built a pressure testing jig, pumped em up to 40 psi (kept the good ones) and blasted the rest out clean with compressed air. My question is - and I not a totally dry-head, talk to me: I want to built the piping out of copper, have it in reverse-return fashion. I have 4 separate zones, (apartments) - and I plan to adjust them only through throttling 4 separate ball valves + 4 isolation valves. No zone valves no zoned thermostats. Thing is, from all I've talked to - and all I've studied, DH's books - 'hydron radiant heat' and 'pumping away' I can't get a solid endorsement of copper piping. What's the deal? I just want the peace of mind that I can pipe this. I calculated the ID I need and most of the head, the math looks good. Is there something about copper, besides the price, that you guys don't like?
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