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water chemistry

@ January 6, 2013 7:58 AM in Buderus GB142 regularly cycling between OA & OY

Has the boiler been taken apart and cleaned yearly? This is very important. Also, maintaining the water chemistry (ph) is critical in aluminum block systems. I would recomend finding a condensing boiler expert in your area to check the delta t of the system, ph, and clean the boiler. Where are you located?

Happy new year!

@ January 1, 2013 7:38 PM in Happy New Year to all my old friends here. Mad Dog

Happy new year Matt, good to see your still around! How is buisiness for ya?


@ December 16, 2012 4:57 PM in Lack of support from Navien 10th callback in 14 months

Our supply house put us in touch with the manufacturers rep. The rep, and the supply house did not have the parts needed to solve the problem. They told us to call navien to obtain the flat plate hx. What happened then is what prompted this thread.


@ December 12, 2012 8:08 PM in Lack of support from Navien 10th callback in 14 months

Trying to stay respectful Jim, but when people accuse me of forgetting to install expansion tanks??!!!! And say that I am using the almighty keyboard sword it rubs me the wrong way and most definitely qualifies as 'judging'

Once again, I did not want to flame them about the product issues, the tipping point was the technical support person and his supervisor who both refused to help me by sending out a flat plate HX. Once I posted this, a member of Navien reached out to me, agreed that I needed a flat plate HX, which I received the next day.

We install 4 different brands of boilers and combis. to keep parts for each one would be far to difficult, which is why we rely on distributors or in this case the manufacturer to send us the parts we need. The manufacturers rep was involved in each one of our call backs on these units, the one most recently (Where I needed the flat plate and pressure sensor) They did not have either part for us to install.

navien continued

@ December 11, 2012 2:22 PM in Lack of support from Navien 10th callback in 14 months

HDE, the rga number is given, but it also accomponies the serial of the unit. When I called and had them pull the record of the unit, they had no reccord of the clients repeat issues most likely because the unit switched serial numbers when it was replaced and their system did not recognize that.

Regarding the shipping problem, I called around 12pm their time, which should have hit the fed ex truck. A phone call should have been made to us so we could let the client know that they would not have heat for four days instead of three.

The problem which caused me to write this in the first place was when the tech support fellow in so many words said that my theroy of the flat plate hx did not make sense and that I was wrong. I eve told him we would ship it back if it was not needed. All the past problems with defects callbacks ect did not cause me to complain because they are acceptable with any unit especcially lp.

The defect I am told was a gas soleniod to switch from low to high fire. The untis would lock out or produce little to no heat.

HDE does your name stand for home depot employee? If so I remember you from about 5 or six years ago, and I can see your one sided opinions have not changed. This is why I hardly post on nere anymore.


@ December 11, 2012 6:23 AM in Lack of support from Navien 10th callback in 14 months

Navien admits to the factory defect of their lp units 1 year ago, trust me it is not an installation error.
Another point of frustation is that the pressure sensor which was promised to arrive yesterday never came! We had to get one off of a new boiler. The original navien tech guy appparently should not have told me the part would arrive the next buisiness day.

The northeast tech rep has reached out to us and wants to make things right which is a step in the right direction


@ December 9, 2012 10:08 AM in labor hrs

For your average chimney to wall hung conversion, venting under 40ft, gas already in home, no indirect we get 1 day. Add more venting and an indirect and we get another 1/2 day. Oil to gas conversions are 2 to three days depending on the situation.


@ December 7, 2012 6:28 PM in prefab

How many of you are prefabbing your mod cons? We are looking to create virtually universal headers to cut down on install time

Lack of support from Navien 10th callback in 14 months

@ December 7, 2012 4:09 PM in Lack of support from Navien 10th callback in 14 months

We made thid mistake of installing about 12 Navien ch boilers during 2010 and and 2011. They have been a NIGHTMARE. A 'bad batch' of LP CH boilers where sent to new england in 2011, they had faulty gps switches and combustion chambers resulting in at least 2 dozen call backs for us. In one home we went through THREE boilers in order to get one that did not have this factory defect. Naviens labor pay is next to nothing and they honestly could care less about our troubles. They are disorganized when it comes to call history and never have the correct information, even though you are registered on every call to them.

Fast forward to today. We have a customer who is on her second ch boiler. The internal pressure switch is going haywire and causing the boiler water feed solenoid to open and it over pressurizes the boiler causing the 30 lbs relief to trip. Ok easy enoug, we will get a new one locally.... WRONG no one keeps parts we need to wait until Monday.

Second problem.... the flat plate is feeding water very slowly back into the boiler side of things (this is a combi boiler) so I also said to please send me a new flat plate. They refused, saying unless I see water coming out of the flat plate potable drain at a good clip when the potable side is de pressurized they will not send a new flat plate! I have seen hundreds of tankless coils, flat plates, and indirects have pin holes navien claims my diagnosis does not make sense! I asked to speak to the supervisor which got me nowhere even after I explained to him our constant troubles with this clients home as well as others. They did not even have any records of us ever even changing the 6 month old boiler even though they sent it!

Im sorry dan if this crosses any lines, but I am just so fed up with Navien I had to do something

If anyone would like more information I can be reached at Ray @

@ June 17, 2009 5:21 AM in comparing oil pricing to gas

Thanks for the input guys.As far as the installation cost goes, its a non issue since I am a lic plumber. The cost to have the gas co put the line in is just a few hundred more than a new oil tank. when converting I get a very good deal on a new modcon burnahm, and will be running it for med temp hwbb, radiant, and panel rads so I will reap the benifigts of condensing

@ June 14, 2009 8:20 AM in comparing oil pricing to gas

Hey guys, looking for a little advice here. I am in the process of buying a new house, which currently has a 20 year old peerless dinosor and a seeping oil tank. I have found that there is gas available on the street, and can get a burnham alpine for a third of the price I would even pay for it. I have always been a fan of oil and know you get more btus from oil then gas. but the increased efficiency at such a cheap price has got my attention. are there any formulas I can use to compare a therm of gas to a gal of oil? also, anyone install a burnham alpie yet? I have done buderus, the big v, munchkin, tt, but never this one!

@ March 19, 2009 6:42 PM in Single Best Tool Purchase

tools, my favorite subject! first favorite would be my threaded rod cutter! Next would be my ridgid angled spud wrench. works on anything from flushometers to inch and a half circ flanges without leaving marks. also love my douglas plumbers pliers by solder seal. I used to have a pair of knipex but lost them. every time I go to buy another pair all that's in stock is the type with the locking handle that you need to manually push the button to open. seems like a hassle. any one have these kind?

@ September 25, 2008 7:43 PM in Our friend, John Hall, lost his Dad today. (Dan H.)

@ September 25, 2008 7:42 PM in Our friend, John Hall, lost his Dad today. (Dan H.)

Sorry to hear of your loss John. I lost my dad last year, I know how hard it is...

@ August 31, 2008 9:58 PM in Our friend, Dave Yates (Dan H.)

Dave, Very sorry for you loss. I lost my dad last year, and even though it's hard to believe now, as the hours, days, months and years pass, it does get easier. And, when you need him most, he'll be there for you.

@ August 24, 2008 12:06 PM in Best inexpensive upgrades for person on limited budget

Visit to schedual an energy audit. They will give you rebates for air sealing, windows, energy star heating equipment, the list goes on. I believe they will cover 75% of the insulation cost, or 2000, whichever is cheaper. Good luck! To Learn More About This Professional, Click Here to Visit Their Ad in "Find A Professional"

@ February 24, 2008 6:47 PM in Blue Flame Buderus Install (Ray L)

This is definetly no blue ray burner. Everyone really needs to go up to buderus and see one in action, your opinion will definetly change. As Vinnie said, this technology is second to none. Has LED self diagnostics, every connection is plug and play. The burner even has a hanger so when you service it tube side up it stays nice and rigid. High sulfer oil is not an issue with the boiler. You may atmospheric vent the boiler, with a liner. I definetly agree with you gary, not many techs in our area have the proper training/equipment to service these boilers. Our company does service and installs so we will do this one in house. Buderus offers a service kit for all common repair parts/ tools for this burner. For set up I had a 400# guage, positive/negative water tube manometer, analizer, wish I had the NoX feature on my TSI though. Woehler offers one that seems slick. Mike Dunn, I don't own a T-Drill, yet. Those are pre made copper EZ headers. REally save on time. I really do regret hiring an electrician. This particular job involved moving the romex whip to the burner firomatic, and every town in Mass seems to have a different opinion on if an oil burner man can do the wiring when zones are being added/firomatic moving, so that is why I used him, he was also already on the job doing wiring for an addition for them. I did all the low voltage snaked behind the boiler wall, and bent all the conduit for the low and high voltage. Every time I tried to suggest something to make things neater he just ignored it. It was Friday afternoon and I just wanted to get them heat! I think I will probably say something to his boss though, because it really is atrocious!

@ February 23, 2008 5:19 PM in Blue Flame Buderus Install (Ray L)

The Burner is made by buderus, it is incredibly easy to service, the only trick is having the repair kit because it takes special nozzles, electrodes and burner gasket. Weezbo, the boiler features a nozzle-line heater to warm the oil, so the high pump pressures are not an issue. This really is an amazing piece of equipment. You'd think you where looking at a natural gas fire not a oil fire!

@ January 29, 2008 11:27 AM in The greatest moment of my life

After 9 months of waiting impatiently, my son, Zachary Raymond Landry was born on Thursday 1-17-08 at a whopping 9lbs 11 oz! This truley is the greatest feeling in the world!

@ January 29, 2008 11:16 AM in The Proudest Moment Of My Life

After 9 months of waiting, my son is here! On Thursday January 17th Zachary Raymond Landry was born into this world! He was a tank at 9 LBS 11 0z! It's definetly the greatest feeling in this world!

@ January 7, 2008 7:19 PM in centerfolds from 2nd install

Mike, The way the swing checks are installed in this instance are wrong, because they may never be vertical, there is too great of a chance of them getting hung open. Why are 2 boilers only being fed with 3/4" black? Also, what is the purpose of the bronze circulator? Why not just use a cast circ? And, I'll agree with the others, where the B and G circs properly sized for the ft of head loss on this job? All too often circs are over sized. Nice, clean looking soldering, I'll give you that! How do you like the Ultra's? I've yet to put on in. What part of the country do you work in?

@ November 15, 2007 6:36 PM in Problem accessing The Wall

in order to open the questions or reply, i have to open a link in a new window.. i thought it was just me!
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